This is my first entry into a deep dive with Html 5. I’ve played allot with Html 5, but I think I need to implement a page that use as much of the Html 5 features. This will be a n-part series. I have no idea how many entries there will be. I will try make the entries as simple and short as possible to follow.

Firstly I needed an idea for a page to create. I came up with a football management page idea. A very simple idea where two football teams play against each other. The user choose one team and select team  players to play against the other team. During the game the user will be able to change players from the field with players on the bench. I hope you like the idea.

Here is a wireframe of the page layout:

Football Boss

The actual football game simulation will be done on the new canvas element from Html 5. I will take each section and feature in detail in follow up entries. I think this is a great starting point and at each entry I will provide the source for you.

Any suggestions and feedback would be great!