I had a very interesting experience try to setup Lync Server 2010 for my latest project. Using Lync Server 2010 with SharePoint 2010 environment. Very powerful combination for user collaboration.

Anyway, I got a very strange error in publishing my Lync Topology:

The existing topology identifies serverA.domain as the Central Management Store, but the topology that you are trying to publish identifies serverB.domain as the Central Management Store. The Central Management Stores must match before the topology can be published.

The white blotches on the images are server FQDN that I needed to hide.

Deployment Error

The reason for this might be that you specified the wrong FQDN and try to publish the Lync topology before. Firstly make sure you use the correct FQDN for the server that is hosting the Central Management Store.

Open up Lync Server Management Shell and type the following command to get the currently registered Central Management Store location:


Command Get Store

To remove the registered Central Management Store location type in the following command:


Command Remove Store

After running these commands you can attempt to publish your Lync Topology again and see the success message.

Publish Success

Hope this help you with fixing Lync Topology publishing problems.


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