Node.js has released an exe version that can be run on Windows to execute JavaScript on the server. The current version is 0.5.2. On the internet there are various articles on what Node.js is and how to use it.

Microsoft has recently partnered with Joyent to get Node.js running on Windows. Maybe in the future to run on the Microsoft Azure platform (My speculation).

To get started head over to the Node.js site and download the exe. Create an directory to put the exe.

Folder Directory

Create a folder next to the exe for you first Node.js project like Hello. Inside the Hello folder you create an server.js file to create your first web server application.

Here is an very basic example

Server Code

To run the Node.js example open up PowerShell and run the following command:

.\node.exe .\Hello\server.js

Run in Powershell

Now open your favourite browser and browse to the URL you specified in the source file.

Browser Display

That is it! Your first Node.js application running from Windows. Very easy.

Here are some additional links to read:

I will later follow up with a full blow HTML application.


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