I was busy going through some SQL Adapter walkthroughs in BizTalk 2010 and something very strange happened.

I was setting up my SQL Adapter, not the WCF SQL Adapter, and I come to the wizard screen where I need to select between Select or Stored procedure options.

I happily decided on the Select option. In the next screen you get a text area to write your SQL statement. Mine was just a simple select from a small table. I click the Next button and bang the whole wizard dialog disappeared. No SQLService.xsd was generated. I was so confused and though I did something wrong. I went over the steps like a crazy man.

Finally I restarted Visual Studio 2010 IDE and try again. After the restart everything just worked. I still don’t know why this happens. I don’t know if it is Visual Studio IDE or the SQL Adapter Wizard issue.

Lessons Learned – If something goes wrong in Visual Studio IDE for no reason then just restart the IDE and try again!


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