By now everybody knows that Microsoft BizTalk 2010 is available. In this blog entry I will give a summary of information to get started with BizTalk 2010. Here are the steps:
Get BizTalk 2010 Developer edition
The developer edition is completely free to use for development, demo and testing.
Get BizTalk Adapters
The BizTalk Adapters are used to easily send and receive message from Oracle eBusiness Suite, SQL Server, Oracle Database, mySAP Business Suite and Siebel eBusiness Applications.
Get BizTalk 2010 Documentation
This is all the documentation that you will need to learn and go deeper into the BizTalk 2010 technology.
Get BizTalk 2010 Training Kit
This is probably one of the most important downloads to get started to learn about the new features in BizTalk 2010.
View BizTalk Server Developer Center
Bookmark this site and keep a close eye on this site for all new information about BizTalk.

This should be more than enough to get you started with BizTalk Server 2010. There is allot more to learn about BizTalk, but this will be a good starting point.