This is my start in the realm of blogging. I was never really into doing it myself, but with time and experience I had to start telling people my thoughts. O, any tips welcome!

The year 2009 is going to be a great challenge. Here is my list of what I want to achieve and learn in this year:

I think this will keep me busy for the year. So I will write about these technologies
and how this affect my working life.

As I expand my horizon on these, the world will be in the known of fun and challenges.

So, from the above list you will see that I love programming. The languages that I do use at the moment is C#, C++ and SQL. I do want to start learning Python and F#. These are great languages.

I currently work in a mix environment of programming languages. Currently at my employer we use Python to create web services and websites. I use .Net to create factory production line tools and help writing a production framework. Using allot of coms, at commands (OpenAT) and gsm network commands.

Well enough for today!